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27 Mar



Bikecheck: The 66

March 27, 2013 | By | 4 Comments


Working with design week in and week out has made me somewhat allergic to branding. And few areas of design application suffers from such bad standards as bikes. The good looking paintjobs on the 2013 frames can be counted on one hand and it seems like everything the big brands churn out now has atleast 12 logos and stripes and flames to cover the rest of it. Much like the clothing available to us. So when I first discovered these unbranded carbon frames coming out of factories usually working for the major brands I had to try them out. Working with a single color frame with no marks or embellishments elevates the parts you put on it. It also brings out the wheels more and in the long run feels more like the honest tool I want it to be. Someone on a forum somewhere claimed that the italian frames “steeped in tradition” was unrivaled just because of that. Tradition. Who’s to say the foundation of their frame building stands the test of time or should be allowed to sustain any value when everything about the frames except maybe the basic romb shape has changed.  So these thoughts combined with the fact that as a designer I prefer to start with a clean slate, a blank piece of paper or in this particular application, led me to put my money towards a low key black on black frame.

The frame i’ve ridden the past 6 months was also an unbranded open mold carbon creation but with 12k carbon under a layer of gloss. Slightly gross but it still made for an allright build. But at 53/54 it was a bit of a stretch for my trex arms and running a 90 stem on a medium frame often looks a bit odd. So planning out the racing and fair weather rig for 2013 I decided to drop down to 51/53 and of course, a matte finish.

Over the course of winter I started accumulating record and super record to take this up a notch from the athena setup on the training bike. Initially I planned on painting the whole frame in team livery but it proved slightly harder than I thought so for now I will stay with the forks and maybe have a shop paint another one of these frames later on this year. The frame itself is an 800gram chinese mold based off Cervelo’s R3/R5 but with internal routing and some other tweaks. The cosmic SLR’s will probably remain my main racing wheel set but its likely the zipp 440′s will see some sunshine as well this spring.

It’s a bit too early to speak about ride quality as I have yet to take this on a longer race and/or races but it certainly looks the business

So the part breakedown.

Record 170 53/39 crankset
Super Record Rear mech
Record Front mech
Chorus 11-27 Casette
Record Chain
Super Record skeleton breaks
Super Record Ergo shifters
Hong Fu Seatpost to Noname saddle
FSA k-force 110mm stem
Syntace Racelite II handlebars
Speedplay zero pedals
Mavic Cosmic carbone SLR clinchers with 25c Gatorskin / GP4000

_MG_5853 _MG_5914 _MG_5912 _MG_5851 _MG_5916 _MG_5908 _MG_5856 _MG_5882 _MG_5875 _MG_5874-2 _MG_5873 _MG_5867 _MG_5860 _MG_5861 _MG_5865 _MG_5863 _MG_5862


  1. Hi Eric,

    Still love your bike.
    Mind sharing your lenghts and measurements as I’m looking in getting me one of these babies as well but am in doubt if it should be a 54 or 56.
    Thanks a million, kind regards,


  2. Logan

    Fantastic… Mind sharing where you sourced the frame? ;)

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