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09 Jun


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London Nocturne 2014 by Erik Jonsson

June 9, 2014 | By | No Comments

Another great London Nocturne was held yesterday and our man Erik Jonsson was there on the side line taking some great shots. Head over to his site for more photos.

It was nice to see so many friends racing and to see loads of familiar faces at the track bike crit, even Mr. Red Hook Crit aka David Trimble who was in town for business had a go at the race and this is what he has to say from his experience:

“It was great to line up on the start line with thousand of spectators surrounding the course. I was in exactly the spot on the front row where (if this was the RHC) the fastest qualifier should start. Of course with a fast field of RHC stars and being years away from racing shape I was only a spectator inside the race once the flag dropped. Even finishing mid pack the sensation of racing a track bike at speed around a tight technical circuit reaffirms that this format has so much potential in the world of cycling.” 

It was also nice seeing our friend and ex-team mate Kendal Noctor doing really well and coming 5th in the Leigh Day Kermesse race.

We ‘5th Floor LDN‘ took part in 3 events, the Leigh Day Kermesse road criterium, the Condor Track Bike Criterium with an amazing effort by George Garnier who came 3rd just behind last year’s winner and the Barclays Cycle Hire Race with Leo Tong coming 2nd.

Make sure you catch the TV highlights are on Sky Sports 2 (Tuesday, GMT 10pm), British Eurosport 2 (Friday, GMT 7.30pm) and Channel 4 (Saturday, GMT 5.30am).

29 Apr


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2014 London Nocturne Track Bike Criterium

April 29, 2014 | By | No Comments

For the second time ever Face Partnership and London Nocturne are holding a Track bike criterium race in their race programme for 2014. Places are limited to 50 riders and the race format is 20 minutes plus 3 laps. London Nocturne is an amazing event with thousands of people watching and cheering. From Penny Farthings and Folding Bikes to Track Bikes and Elite races, Smithfield market will be buzzing on 7th June. Don’t miss out. Click here to find out more or here for full race schedule.

Click here to register for the Track Bike Crit. The following selection criteria will be applied in order of priority: Recent results, Part of team and Date of registration. Entry closes on Wednesday 28th May.

Photo: Erik Jonsson

07 Apr


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Red Hook Report by James Hyatt

April 7, 2014 | By | No Comments

Despite the incredibly high expectations we had for David August Trimble’s 2014 Red Hook Crit, we were once again left awestruck at the spectacle that unfolded before our eyes. Near apocalyptic conditions only served to enhance the visual spectacle that we have come to expect from this race, and whilst the riders may not have been quite as complementary, they certainly didn’t show any restraint whilst on the course.

We had the privilege of fielding two of our finest in this year’s race – The main man himself Mr. Rudy Melo representing our original London crew, and of course his NYC counterpart, RHC veteran and all round good dude – Chris ‘POSTERBOY’ Pino.

Despite a successful track season this year and arriving in NY in great shape, Rudy unfortunately had a torrid time in the conditions. London may have raised this kid but Brazil is still in his heart, and the rain kept him from making the cut (this year). Pino once again delivered the money, with a fantastic qualifying performance earning him a slot on the hallowed RHC grid. A feat in itself it has to be said. Not content with that, he battled through the cold, rain and more pointedly, one of the best fields in RHC history to finish 32nd. A performance made even more remarkable given the fact he finished his one off Stoemper build the night before!

Regardless of the results, the 5th Floor is proud just to be a part of this race in any capacity. I had the unique perspective of working with the RHC crew this year due to an on going injury that kept me from racing. Working with Seth Holmes (5th Team member) we had the honour of being part of the bike inspection team giving the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to 200+ racers and their rigs.

Spending 5 hours chatting to people who had flown all over the world (Korea, Spain, Italy, England, Mexico, Holland, Japan and more..) just to be part of this race really brought home to what an outstandingly unique event Trimble has created here. In this year’s conditions, Parc Ferme became akin to the wings of a Roman Colosseum, where fearless gladiators waited in anticipation of their fate ahead. The skill level and courage shown by those who ventured out has to be celebrated, with special mention going to the women leaders + chase pack. Who, after a crash on course, had to be pulled from the track only to return 20 minutes later to complete there race in a 3 lap shoot out in freezing conditions.

Red Hook Crit continues to grow, continues to deliver and continues to amaze the new and seasoned spectator alike. With the rest of the championship ahead of us, we can’t wait to see what Trimble and RHC 14’ winner and series leader Thibaud Lhenry has in store for us in Barcelona.

Once more Trimble Racing, racers and volunteers alike – we salute you!

Words: James Hyatt
Image: Eloy Anzola

14 Feb


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Red Hook Criterium Championship 2014

February 14, 2014 | By | No Comments

Very excited at the news of the 2014 RHC Season schedule and all that entails. If the trajectory of growth continues off the back of 2013 this year should be insane. So stoked to see a Women’s field included.

Trimble Racing is proud to announce the 2014 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series. Rockstar Games returns as the presenting sponsor alongside a strong list of supporting series sponsors including Giro Sport Design, Cinelli, Castelli Cycling, Timbuk2, hatchMAP, San Marco, Ass Savers, Peloton Magazine, and R&A Cycles.

Season Schedule
1. March 29, 2014 – Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.7
2. August 30, 2014 – Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No.2
3. October 11, 2014 – Red Hook Criterium Milano No.5

SRace Registration
Race registration for the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No. 7 opens on Monday February 17 at 12:00pm EST and

12 Dec


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December 12, 2013 | By | One Comment

The RHC Series keeps giving…

The subject of the film, released in January 2014, will focus on the Red Hook Crit Milano. It will not only appreciate the qualities of pedaling riders but also to have their testimony on the Red Hook and cycling: Evan Murphy (Stanridge Speed Cycles), Kyle Murphy (MASHSF), Cooper Ray (Kingkog – Rosko).
These riders who come from all around the world to confront a sometimes dangerous and treacherous circuit are much more than more amateurs and imposes tough workouts for the podium.
We also have the testimony of Antonio Colombo, President of Cinelli and partner of the Red Hook Crit. And as is always a story of encounters, you’ll find people with whom we left, with whom we spent time after the race and the people we met on site.

05 Nov


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More Red Hook Crit video

November 5, 2013 | By | No Comments

2 new RHC Videos, first one from 48×17 and second one by 8bar. And long one below, onboard with Neil Bezdek in Barcelona.

24 Oct


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21 Oct


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Il Gran Finale – Pristine goes to RHC Milan

October 21, 2013 | By | No Comments

If you follow our friends from Pristine on instagram you saw the good social media coverage they did during the gran finale of RHC. But to top that they’ve put together this nice video recap from the event. Good work dudes.

17 Oct


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02 Oct


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2013 Red Hook Criterium Milano No.4

October 2, 2013 | By | No Comments

The final race of the 2013 Red Hook Criterium Championship is only 10 days away. Unfortunately we won’t there this time, due to other commitments. We wish all of our friends best of luck. Head over to RHC’s site or Facebook page for more details and don’t miss out on this one. Also, click below for the alternate postes artwork by Daniele Falcone.

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