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23 Jul


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Le Coq Sportif TDF Stage 2 ride

July 23, 2014 | By | No Comments

As if it wasn’t already amazing that the Tour De France was blasting through the Yorkshire dales creating a buzzing atmosphere for cycling around Britain and the World! We was approached by Le Coq Sportif to put on a ride celebrate the Tour coming to UK and London! The plan was to invite cyclists to celebrate the Tour by riding our own mini stage around the Kent countryside on Sunday, 6th of July, starting at the Le Coq Sportif store in Covent Garden and ending there just in time to grab a beer and watch the end of Stage 2, which was being held in Yorkshire.

We received great interest and had just over 20 people signed up and ready to go. We met at the Covent Garden store where we had a suprise welcome of warm coffee and cakes perfectly set up my Look Mum No Hands, it was brilliant timing as it was the greatest british weather for summer… RAIN!

We set of at 9 sharp adorning our rain jackets with the optimism that it might get sunny! We headed out over Waterloo and towards Camberwell up and through Bromley and then into the Kent countryside. I would like to say it went smoothly but travelling in a group of 20 through the streets of London with endless red lights was not an easy task. With the rain came 5 punctures in the first 20 miles!

Once we were out in the countryside the ride went really well, riders got to tackle a few of Kent’s finest climbs and a chance to try and beat me up hill :-P . The route was a mix of hills and sweeping country lanes which would cover just over 100 kilometres.

The ride took about 4 hours which wasn’t too bad with a few stops and one very unfriendly pub owner who would not fill peoples water bottles up without purchases!

We had a nice coffee stop just before a mass TT to get back to the store in time for the Stage finish. Everyone got back safely and really enjoyed there ride, everyone stayed around to watch the TDF stage 2 finish with a lovely craft beer in hand!

I would like to thank everyone who came down, my fellow team mates George and Pascale for doing a great job helping out with the group. High Five! Also Dean “the traffic stopper Hill” for a great job he did at the back of the group.

And last but not least I would like to thank Le Coq Sportif for supplying us with awesome kit, for putting on a great ride and letting us watch the Tour at a great shop! Also thanks to Look Mum No Hands for the coffee and cakes.

Matt Stanbury.

15 Jul


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Deux North: Specialized: Hunt 4

July 15, 2014 | By | One Comment

From trailer to full edit in less than a day, you didn’t have to wait long. Can’t say thanks enough to all involved. I’ll give my thoughts specifically on the Specialized Diverge ASAP

Hunt 4 from Deux North on Vimeo.

02 Jul


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Lost & Found 500: Recap

July 2, 2014 | By | One Comment

As many of you might have picked up on or followed along, myself Chris and Phil undertook the 500 and something trip from Brooklyn to Montreal. A day by day blow is up on the LostandFound Tumblr so instead of rehashing I’ve chosen one picture from each day that sums that day up for me and included a list of things I lost and found along the way. Oh, I’ve also thrown up the Strava maps for those interested in the routing or undertaking the same trip.

Love for Bikes
Direction (more than once)
Ego as a Cyclist/’adventurer’
Liters of blood to biting insects (no-one told me June was ‘bug month’
Quantities of unnecessary backpacking food
A ton of sleep in thunderstorms under canvas
Any desire to get back to the city

Love for Bikes
Deeper understanding and respect for the physical and mental strength needed to tour.
Grundle Growths
All sense of concern about anything other than the immediate task (which was liberating)
Phil shitting in the woods
The biggest wolf spider I’ve ever seen
Innumerable unforgettable and good times


28 Jun


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Le Coq Sportif x The 5th Floor TDF ride

June 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Le Coq Sportif and The 5th Floor invite you to join us on a road ride from Central London to Kent to celebrate the 2nd stage of the Tour de France. Limited numbers, first 30 people to RSVP will get all the remaining info. We will be back in Central London to watch the stage with a coffee stop at half way. FREE coffee, refreshment, beer and food at the end of the ride. Don’t miss out!!!

Track your ride on the Le Coq Sportif Strava Page for your chance to win LCS prizes.

Sunday 6th July
Distance: 120km
Pace: 18mph
From 9am to 2pm
(road bikes only)


23 Jun


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Taconic 150 Report

June 23, 2014 | By | No Comments

This past weekend a couple of the guys took part in the Taconic 150, hosted by NYC Velo, by all accounts this is not your regular group ride….

Photos by Neil Bridge full set here.
Words by Mark Hagen

It was my 4th Taconic 150 put on by the good folks over at NYC Velo. This ride has become a litmus for how I have progressed as a rider year to year. The Taconic region isn’t as well known to New York riders compared to its Catskills brother off on the horizon, but it is equally brutal. While it lacks the infamous Devil’s Kitchen and Sugarloaf type pitches, it more than makes up for in relentless rollers and gravel climbs that will beat your fresh legs into rubbery submission. This particular edition featured two category 2 all gravel ascents, Mt. Riga and Sunset Rock, the latter of which I am unashamed to say I needed to put a foot down for respite. The eager group of 35 slowly dwindled through a Darwinian selection of luck, preparedness and stubbornness. Countless flats (4 to be exact from Mr. Koblov) , groupettos gone astray, 100 miles (30 by dirt) and 10,000 feet of climbing put everyone to their limit, and for a few past it. At the end of the day, when we all eventually found our way back, a cold beer and smiles were all to be found. Thanks to Neil Bridge for the amazing photos from the day.

14 Jun


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Deux North: Specialized: Hunt 4: #seekanddiverge

June 14, 2014 | By | One Comment

There’s so much to say about the last week but very little way to capture it unless you check out the #seekanddiverge or you ride with some of the fine photographers such as Andy with whom I had the pleasure of spending the best part of the week riding through California with.

All photos in the slideshow are from Andy, those below are individually credited. Click Read more for a day by day diary account including Strava maps.

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30 May


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“5th Training Camp. Mallorca.” Short Film

May 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

Here is the short film by Angus Sung from our recent trip to Mallorca. Hope you enjoy it and maybe inspires you to ride your bike this weekend.

28 May


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Memorial Day Century

May 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Monday saw high temps, high elevations, high mileages but most of all high spirits as we tucked away one of my favourite rides thus far. It was great to have Mark in the fold, put the summer jerseys to the test and have the company of Mr Trimble…. oh and of course to get in some well needed #huntingpractice more on that later. Thanks to Chris and Angelo for the images.



13 May



5th Mallorca 2014 Camp

May 13, 2014 | By | 3 Comments

Last week the 5th Floor London team, Rudy Melo, Matt Stanbury, George Garnier, Leo Tong, Erik Jonsson, Daniel Slotte and Pasquale Chionchio, joined by Angus Sung and Sebastian Ordinas, went to the cycling island Mallorca for a week of training, riding and lots of team bonding!

There were a lot of coffee, coca-cola and ice cream stops involved. At the end of the day it was a cycling holiday for us, but we covered a lot in 6 days doing pretty much every known Colls, even doing some of them twice. With 5 days of riding and 1 rest day we rode 600km and climbed 9,990meters. Well, the rest day wasn’t really a rest day as we ended up doing 40km, 900 meters of climbing and a fair bit of hiking.

If you are planning to ride in Mallorca I would recommend; Coll de sa Batalla, Coll de Soller (from both sides), Puig Major, also descend from Puig Major if you can (it is a nice long descent), Coll d’Honor, the famous Sa Calobra and make sure you ride to the Cap de Formentor. This is from my experience, I know there are probably other places you could also go, but if you do the above you cover a fair bit including the main climbs.

Huge thanks goes to Sebastian Ordinas for being an amazing host, for driving and for being an all round great dude. Also a big thanks goes to all of our sponsors who supported us on this trip. Workshop Coffee for providing our morning and afternoon pick me ups. Vita Coco for keeping the guys hydrated everyday. Thule for helping transport some of our bikes safely and finally 3-Actions for providing us their sports nutrition that we were really happy to try.

If you follow us on instagram or any of our riders you might have seen that we were using the #5thMallorca hashtag to document the trip while we were away. Search #5thMallorca hashtag on instagram to see all the photos from the trip or click here to view them online. Please stay tuned for more photos and a short film from Angus Sung. Photos above by Angus Sung and Rudy Melo.

30 Apr


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Liège-Bastogne-Liège #BelgianWaffleTour

April 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

Last Tuesday night two 5th Floor riders Leo Tong and I (Rudy Melo) joined Leon Cerrone and Rapha employees Monty, Jack Saunders, Jonny Hines and Russ Ashford travelling to Belgium for the Liège-Bastogne-Liège challenge taking place on Saturday 26th April.

Andy Boyd joined us on Friday Night and our third 5th Floor rider Pasquale Chionchio met us on the Saturday morning. We had travelled a few days earlier to get a couple of rides in the Belgian countryside and to watch Flèche Wallone.

We created a fun hash tag on instagram to document the trip, #BelgianWaffleTour. A lot of people started following and it’s now a nice way to look back and see what we got up to. Some people during the trip recognised us from the hashtag and others said they enjoyed following our adventure.

We crammed a lot in this trip: Plenty of waffles, frites, Belgian beer, coffee, family breakfasts, one pot food dinners, good rides, brewery visits, BBQs, race watching, pro spotting, the list continues. The #BelgianWaffleTour even got on the TV. This trip has been rad, I wouldn’t be able to finalise my list!

A huge thanks goes to Walter Beckers for being the best host. Thank you for taking us out the day before LBL, for staying with us during the whole 279km ride and big thanks to you and your family for cooking us an amazing BBQ after our long day.

The LBL challenge was super hard, 279km which included 4,500 meters of climbing. Belgian is not flat at all, we were constantly up and down numerous hills. The two Belgian machines Walter and Koen, sat in the front of the group pretty much the whole day, were true gentlemen for not leaving us behind. I remember Walter saying to me “We started together, we will finish together”. Unfortunately we lost Jonny, Leo and Pasquale after the second feed station, but the majority of us stayed together.

Thank you Belgium and Thank you gents! It has been a pleasure riding and hanging out with you all during this trip.

Click read more below for a few more photos and to read Pasquale’s report of the LBL challenge. And click here for the full Belgian Waffle Tour photo set.

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